About us

JDP Worldwide, and The Drink Exchange concept, was originally established back in the mid-90’s following a rather late and drunken conversation in a Nottingham pub between the two founders, Miles Jarvis and Chris Dunkley.

In it’s original form The Drink Exchange was mobile, consisting of massive and very heavy custom built computers, some very old Uniwell cash registers and large (and again heavy!) TV’s. Equipment was taken into a bar and setup just for one night, predominantly throughout most of the Student Union bars in the UK – fun times!

Since then technology has obviously changed a great deal. A bar can be setup and running within an hour, wherever in the world it might be – just using the technology it already has, no need for any additional hardware.

Nowadays The Drink Exchange is run worldwide, across 5 of the 7 Continents (we are working on South America…less so Antarctica!)…and almost runs every hour of every day somewhere…integrated into over 90 different ePOS systems…things have changed – although it’s still exactly the same concept as was launched in The Bear in Bedford (the first ever LIVE event!) all those years ago!