THE EXCHANGE increases revenue (on average by 40%) in a bar, restaurant, pub or club.

THE EXCHANGE turns a bar into a stock market for an evening, with a selection of food & drink prices rising and falling based upon sales!

Trading Pit

Real time trading screens display the fluctuating live prices


Hugely increase AND manipulate sales whilst creating great interactive fun for your customers


Keep your customers engaged and in your bar


Fully integrated into your ePOS system. Running is SIMPLE. Check out the ePOS section for a list of compatible systems


There is not a more cost-effective activity you can run to drive sales and engage customers


Customers get INSIDER TIPS automatically via your Twitter feed, creating relevant and automated marketing of your events

Setup and training is completely FREE of both charge and obligation   

You pay £50 (UK+VAT) per event ONLY when you choose to run


A subscription of £200 (UK+VAT) per month for unlimited use